Конференция AMR Research (Gartner) 13-14 сентября в Лондоне по вопросам цепочки поставок в ИТ индустрии

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AMR Research Announces Inaugural Supply Chain Executive Conference 2010 in Europe

13-14 September, Lancaster London Hotel, London, UK

Egham, UK, 18 June, 2010 — AMR Research, a Gartner, Inc. company, today announced its Supply Chain Executive Conference 2010, to be held in London at the Lancaster London hotel on 13-14 September.

At the conference, AMR Research analysts will outline how leading organisations have succeeded and chart a road map for supply chain excellence. This will include showcasing proven best practices in acquiring and maintaining talent, building efficient business processes and getting value from supporting technology investments.

"Today's supply chain executives are responsible not only for containing costs, but supporting companies' profitable growth. This requires constantly making the right trade-offs between costs, risks, customer satisfaction, sustainability and profitability," said Kevin O'Marah, conference chair and chief strategy officer at AMR Research. This year's theme is around visibility, flexibility and sustainability — three prerequisites for supply chain excellence. To build these foundations, organisations must become more demand-driven, establish collaboration with trading partners, and build responsive, sustainable supply chains.

In 2010, Gartner organises 13 Summits in Europe on a wide range of IT industry topics. Each event features Gartner's latest research and provides in-depth commentary by Gartner analysts, on-stage interviews with industry leaders, front-line case studies from across Europe and an opportunity to network with peers from across the region. In 2009, Gartner events attracted more than 30,000 delegates worldwide. For more information on Gartner events in Europe, please visit www.europe.gartner.com/events.

About AMR Research Supply Chain Executive Conference 2010

This conference will examine how leading manufacturers and retailers are using supply chains for competitive advantage. Industry leaders will discuss how they have built flexibility, visibility and sustainability into their extended supply chains. AMR analysts will discuss the challenges for companies building supply chain excellence, which range from weak physical infrastructure and increasing global risk to volatility of supply and changes in demand. For more information, please visit http://www.gartner.com/technology/summits/emea/supply-chain/index.jsp.

Members of the media can register for the event by contacting Laurence Goasduff at laurence.goasduff@gartner.com.

Gartner will also host a series of briefings on "How Leading Companies Transform Their Supply Chain Into a Competitive Weapon." Further information is available at http://www.gartner.com/EventsCal?opCode=1&template=2&eventType=5.

Additional information from the event will be shared on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Gartner_inc and at #AMRsc.

About AMR Research

AMR Research, a Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) company, focuses on the global supply chain and its supporting technologies. AMR Research provides subscription advisory services and peer networking opportunities to supply chain, sustainability and IT executives in the consumer products, life sciences, manufacturing and retail sectors. For more information about the company's research and services, visit www.amrresearch.com.