Admission to the Association

The process of acquiring the status of an active member of AITEU consists of two stages. First, a company submits to the Association’s office an application for admission to associated members (ApplicationFormAssociated.doc) addressed to the Management Board. Having stayed in the status of an associated member for at least three months, the company submits an application for admission to full members (ApplicationFormEng.doc) addressed to the General Meeting. The difference between full and associated membership consists only in the right to vote at the General Meeting.

At the AITEU General Meeting held on 19 July 2007 the GM's right of admission to full members of the Association was delegated to to the Management Board of the Association.

After the decision on membership has been adopted by either the Management Board or the General Meeting, and the company has paid the membership fee, the company becomes a member of the Association and a relevant certificate is issued thereto.

Please also review:

- Section "4. Members of the Association" of the Charter

- Page Powerful reasons to join AITEU.

Your accountants may find useful this page containing some information on membership fee payment (in Ukrainian).

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