APITU Working Bodies

According to APITU Charter, specialized working bodies (commissions, committees, task forces etc.) may be created by decision of the General Meeting or the Management Board.

APITU General Meeting held on 19 July 2007 decided on establishing five committees within the Association. The heads of these committees were elected at the meeting of APITU Management Board held on 12 September 2007.

Committee name Committee head
Committee for Protection of the Interests of the Association’s Members Yuri BOIKO,
President of «Liter»
Committee for Internal Co-operation Between the Association’s Members Victor POBEREZHNYK,
Director of «Asbis Ukraine»
Distribution Committee Andriy DEGODA,
President of «ERC»
IT-manufacturers’ Committee Yuri ZONIUK,
President of «K-Trade»
Retail Chains Committee Volodymyr KOLODIUK,
President of AVentures Group Holding

Overall coordination of the committees’ activities is exercised by the Management Board chaired by Volodymyr Tsoi, President of MTI.