A few powerful reasons to join AITEU

1. Participation in government policy-making and legislative drafting

The Association is represented in many government bodies, among which are the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the State Customs Service, the State Committee for Consumer Standards, The State Committee for Entrepreneurship, and has connections with respective committees of the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament of Ukraine). The Association also cooperates with technical standardization committees. The position of the Association is treated by the above government bodies as a consolidated vote of the IT-industry!

2. Legal support to the members of the Association

The Association inter alia assists to facilitate collection of the debts of government bodies to the companies – members of the Association resulting from public purchases!

3. E-newsletter and website of the Association

Eleven times per year, the members of the Association receive by e-mail a newsletter that contains comprehensive information on the activities of the AITEU, on the meetings and decisions of the Association’s bodies, on the public position of the Association on legal norms and their drafts, as well as on other events and issues which could be of interest for the IT industry. The Association’s members have a chance to advertise their products on the website of the Association free of charge, as well as to bring their information to the attention of other members via the newsletter.

4. List of the Association’s members

The web-page containing a list of qualified companies – members of the Association is one the most frequently visited ones on the website. Due to the Association’s presence in the State Registry of Industry Associations of Producers, Importers and Exporters of Ukraine, there is also an access to the information on the Association’s members on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. These pages are in open access and Your current and future clients and partners review them!

5. The Association’s logo

The use of AITEU logo is restricted solely by the Association’s members. APITU logo can be used on company templates/ forms, contractions, vehicles, sign plates, products and printed matter of promo nature. AITEU members can use the Association’s logo next to their own logo. APITU logo is a kind of quality mark for a company!

6. Activities in the international markets

The Association assists companies – members of the Association with receipt of visas for the business-trips of their employees. If necessary, the Association renders individual consulting assistance on many issues, including partner-related matters and legal framework of other states - via foreign partner associations. The members of the Association have an opportunity to receive consolidated discounts on participation in international exhibitions and fairs.

7. Participation in exhibitions

Companies – members of the Association have a chance to be represented at exhibition stands of the Association during national and international exhibitions.

8. Discounts on participation in workshops and conferences

Companies – members of the Association are entitled to get discounts on participation in workshops and conferences.

9. List of non-payers

In the restricted access area of the Association’s website, the members of the Association have an opportunity to exchange information about companies that violate or do not comply with contractual obligations and thereby prevent potential losses from work with such companies.

10. Networking with colleagues

During events held by the Association – general meetings, conference, roundtables – top-managers of the companies – the members of the Association have an opportunity to meet and network, as well as socialize for the benefit of their personal and business development.